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Diabetic Leads For Sale

Are you looking for diabetic leads from a professional company with a high tech call center and qualified phone reps?  Then www.TelemarketingLeadsforAgents.com is the source for you! We consistently contact seniors and individuals who have diabetes, as well as people with other ailments from a variety of income demographics. These medicalleads consist of individual seniors who qualify for or are interested in diabetic testing, diabetic managed care and diabetes testing supplies, or diabetic health programs. By purchasing from our lead source, you will know exactly who your customer is and what their needs are. These are highly qualified diabetic leads.

Used our program to sell special needs Medicare advantage plans

Many Insurance agents have used our program to sell special needs Medicare advantage plans and diabetic supplies.Our exclusive list will help your business find more diabetic customers as you strive to meet their needs.

If you are a diabetic supply company or insurance agency:

If you are a diabetic supply company or insurance agency, then you can rest easy knowing our leads are recorded and call verified for the following information: Name, Address, City, State, Zip, and Phone Number. Verified medical qualifying questionsare asked during each callto qualify each lead.

A qualified supply of diabetic leads

Many professionals turn to our group of U.S. telemarketers to build their book of special needs business. We work with many of the top insurance agents and diabetic supply companies in the nation.

Our company can assist you in meeting your sales goalsby providing you with a qualified supply of diabetic leads on adaily, weekly, or monthly basis. Through preset appointments and referral phone leads,watch your business grow quickly as more sales are finalized.Call ustoday for more information!

Call Us 855.MY.LEADS – 855.695.32378

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Diabetic Leads

Pricing and Guarantee

Our Super Producer clients closes 40% to 60% of Pre-sets.

Clients with just average closing ratios normally closes 20% to 30%.

Most of our client relationships last 8 months to 3 years. For the price of Mailers, Internet Leads or TV leads we offer the best value for your investment!

Specialized niche campaigns like calling CPA's, Nurses, Lawyers, Insurance Agents, diabetics, seniors on Medicaid or Diaqbetics, etc.

We only work with a selected group of agents per territory since it's impossible to generate quality leads for everyone.

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